All PRICES are by BULK!!! ex: $90 means $15/piece Packs of 6units

About Us

Lux LA is the result of a collaborative effort between a group of LA based designers and fashionistas - we're an end to end operation - from conception to fulfillment, we do it all. The brand is inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles and focused on fit and texture. 

In our 30,000 sq foot headquarters facility, in Los Angeles, you'll find a pretty eclectic mix of passionate professionals - talented pattern makers, sample specialists, our dedicated brand reps and of course all of our designers, just trying to make something beautiful - for you of course. 

We produce a majority of our pieces in the USA and source most of our fabrics from local suppliers. We're not shy, if there's something you want to know, drop us a line and if you're interested in repping the brand or carrying the line, fill out this little form right here and we'll get you set up as soon as possible.